Importing my model to layout


Im completely new to layout and Im getting my head around it slowly.

I’ve drawn some construction plans in Sketchup pr on the layout template as I dont need a 3D model (so I guess I;m already using sketchup a little like layout).
However, when I go to import this drawing into Layout I can only see a section of the complete drawing, like the layout page is zoomed in to far rather than showing the complete diagram. I cant seem to zoom out in Layout to show all the original diagram? Am I being an idiot?


You’ll want to investigate the use of “Scenes” in SketchUp to set up different views of your model. You will then set each model view in LayOut to use one of these scenes. This will give you the most reliable behavior when switching back & forth between the two programs.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the response. Yes I did a little digging and thats what I’ll do. I don’t think I realise the point of Layout i.e to go from 3d model to 2d layout (i guess the clue was in the title!).

Question, if I set a complete view of my 2D model in sketchup as a scene and export to layout this should do the trick also?


If you want reliable 2d (orthographic) results, you’ll need to set that in the “SketchUp Model” pallet in Layout, and you’ll want “Preserve Scale on Resize” checked, then you can adjust the size of your viewport without messing with the scale, looks like this:

Many thanks for that. the cogs in the brail are slowly turning and I think
Im getting it…