Sending model to Layout question

Hiya, please can someone point me to a guide about sending sketchup models to Layout? When I send my model right now, it’s just sending a segment of it, not everything in view in Sketchup

Did you start by creating a scene of what you want to see in LO? Did you update the scene after getting it the way you wanted? Did you then save the file? If you did, you should see the same in LO, but it’s easy to forget one of those steps, especially if you change the scene at some point.

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I hadn’t created a scene, I just tried doing that and it has worked I think - can I adjust what is shown in the scene by zooming in and out and updating the scene?

Yes but you also must remember to save the file before updating in LO. It’s all a bit clunky but it works once you are used to it.

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Great, thank you, I think I have the hang of that now :slight_smile:

If that solved it, maybe you could mark my reply as the solution?

The thing to remember is that LO and Su are not joined at the hip like Modelsspace and Paperspace in Autocad. They are standalone programs and were even developed by different teams. That probably explains why when you do similar things in the two, you have to use completely different techniques. Try drawing or manoeuvring things in each and wonder why newbies have to reinvent the wheel when they go from one to the other!

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