Trying to insert scenes from SketchUp

Why is Layout so buggie??? It is not like it is free or anything like that?

I am trying to insert scenes from SU. I got some scenes but others just do not show up in the layout scene list. I try to send to layout but that just opens another layout application instead of sending to the page that I am working on???"?

Is it because I am new to Layout, or is it really this crappy???

From what you describe it sounds like most of it is your work flow.

You should only send to a SketchUp file to the LayOut project once. After you’ve done that, you should be copying viewports with LayOut to paste on other pages.

Sounds like it’s because you are new to it and not using it correctly.

Share your LayOut and SketchUp files so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you get it straightened out.

Here is my workflow, which I suspect is pretty typical.

  1. Create scenes in Sketchup, get them the way you want them to be seen on the page, make sure they are all updated, and then save the file.

  2. Send to Layout.

  3. In Layout, choose the appropriate scale and crop and move the window as required.

  4. If you want another scene on the same Layout page, select the SU window, copy, paste, and change scene reference.

  5. If you want another scene on a second page, do a page copy, then select the SU window and change the scene.

As @DaveR says, only import the SU file once.

But in answer to your first question about why is Layout not as good as it should be (which it certainly isn’t), you would have to ask developers. Not enough resources, one suspects.

I never “send” to Layout. I always open my LO templates, then insert once. Then as Dave mentions, copy viewports in LO and select the appropriate scene you want to present.

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That is what I was trying to do. I was able to select some of my scenes, but the rest of them does not show up on the scene list and the scene list does not scroll. The other scenes that I need to put in the view port just do not show up. I have moved those scenes in SU closer to the top of the list but they still do not show up.

I was only trying to send from SU as an alternative method to get my scene to layout but that isn’t working either.

Don’t know if this is your situation, but I was recently struggling with this until I realized Layout was still referring to an older version of the file I was working on. I do a lot of Save As… and leave a trail of previous versions which LO was still looking at one of them instead of the current version. That’s an argument for doing it the other way in which the current file is always the same name, and you Save a Copy As… for the versioning trail.

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I think @RTCool is correct. It is likely you may be referencing an older copy or a file on a back up drive. If the reference file is correct, then all scenes will be visible in the LO drop down menu.

An easy way to check is to open the SU file from inside LO and see the scene list.

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