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Hey everyone, Adam here.

So I finally have layout and even have done a few blueprints for a client. My question is how do I put a scene from one design into one Layout window. Here is what I’ve been experiencing. I made a design of a constructed wall with all of its pieces. I made multiple scenes for it. I go to one scene and tell it to ‘send to layout’. Boom…Layout opens up and there is the template window. I select a template and then instead of my scene being on the blueprint the whole design is in it. Also can I get multiple scenes onto one layout window. Thanks and remember without the Z we are all flat.

How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got?

In general, the scenes you create in SketchUp get used for the viewports in LayOut. You only send to LayOut once. After that, you can copy the viewport around on the page or onto other pages and change their scene setting in the SketchUp Model inspector window. You don’t use Send to LayOut for each viewport.

So now that you’ve got SketchUp Pro, you could update your profile to reflect that.

When you send a SketchUp model to LayOut, LayOut displays the “last-saved view,” not the scene that you clicked before sending to LayOut. As @DaveR said, you must go in and change the scene for each viewport.
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