New to Layout - need help linking using multiple SketchUp scenes in layout

I’m new to Layout and need help finding an option that seems like it should be obvious, but isn’t!

In my Sketchup model, I’ve created multiple scenes (floor plan, electrical plan, etc).
I would like each one of these scenes to correspond to a different page in Layout.

From Sketchup, I sent my model to Layout-- looks good. In Layout, I can see in Default Tray Sketchup model viewport, where I can change the Scene. But how do I change the scene only for the desired page? Right now, when I change the scene it updates the scene to the same one for every single page.

It sounds like you’ve got the viewport on a layer that is shared. A shared layer would be used for things like page borders or page numbers where you want the same content on every page. You need to put the viewport on an unshared layer. Then copy it from one page to the next. (or duplicate the page). Then you can set each viewport for a different scene.