Is there a way to not have 2 scenes for each view I use

Hi everyone,

A quick question while i’m working. I try to find the info on the forum, but I have to admit I gave up after a few minutes in front of the number of subjects I should read to be sure that my question is bot answered already. I’m working… and I don’t have time to do proper researchs.

I’ve been working with sketchup for 8 years now (i’m carpenter / cabinet maker), so i’m pretty fluent… but I’m self thaugt. So i’m sure I do tons of horrible/forbidden stuffs, i appologize in advance.

On the other hand i’m brand new to layout. I’ve started using it to do nice presentation for client only a few days ago. So i’m a total newbie.

The question now: Is it possible to use a scene in layout, that would not display some sketchup layers?
Explanation: I use already a lot of scene in my models, as I draw kitchen for example, and there are a lot of cut section, plan, etc. to draw. And I used those for me while I’m working, sometime for my apprentice or a sub contractor, and of course, for the client. The problem is that everybody does need to see everything, so i use layers. (visible VS not visible, relevant for the assembly on site VS question for the client to adress…)

But my first research on the subject showed me that sketchup layers and layout layers were 2 separate things. So my first understanding is that I should make, in sketchup, 2 (or 3) scenes for each view, with different informations displayed, then in layout, I would insert the one that is relevant to the presentation in do (for a client, or for me and my apprentice).
That is a bit of a pain in the neck. it’s not that it is that hard to copy another scenes. it’s just that I’m gonna end up with models with 30/40 scenes, which will be hard to navigate.

voilà, voilà, any thougths?

And sorry if this is basic layout tutorial materials. I promis I will watch those… during the nigth… when I’ll be finished with all the work I do during the evening those days

Think of a scene as a snapshot of the model; a photograph , if you will. What you see is what you get. You’re basically asking for two different viewers to look at the same photograph and see a different set of objects. You want me to see Uncle Nunzio in the photograph while everyone else sees the Acropolis when they look at it.

Besides creating the additional scenes, the other option would be to create a copy of the SU file and modify the scenes you want to change. Essentially make new photos of the model. While that would leave you with fewer scenes in a single SketchUp file, you would still have the same number of scenes to deal with (or maybe more) and you’d have two separate SKP files to maintain when changes are required.

I think learning to deal with the scenes in a single file is best.

Ok, thanks for your answer. But that’s a disapointement. I thougth there must be a wayto do this.

And i guess you cannot organise your scene better? like with subscence or something like this?

It sounds like you need to develop a better understanding of what a scene is. Sub-scenes don’t really make any sense. You can only make another scene with different content.As I said, a scene is like a photograph of your model. The location of the camera, the objects that are visible due to the visible layers, and the style determine the appearance of the scene.

Ok, i got that. But i’m just looking for a workaround. It can be called whatever they want. I’m just surprised there is no workaround for this. I guess i’m really not the only one who would like to do this.

You may not be the only one who wants to make the same scene look like different scenes but yours is the first request I’ve seen in over 14 years.

14 years!! wow! Not bad :slight_smile:

So… I would love that they add folders to sort my scenes, but according to what you just said, I think I won’t bother to suggest it.

Have you ever worked with models with more than 30 scenes? I guess the only solution would be to name all of them with abbreviation.

Yes. I regularly work with large numbers of scenes like that. I guess I’ve never found it to be an issue. Use the Scenes window to good effect.

There are some strategies that might work for you like setting up a single scene to use for more than one viewport. Then crop the scene by dragging the edges of the viewport in LO to show only the part of the model in which you’re interested.

Make sure you don’t do anything that makes the scenes show as modified in LayOut.

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Or… a workaround that would be fine to me, and that does not seem unreasonable in regards of the meaning of the layers and the scenes, would be to be able to control witch layer of sketchup are visibles on a view in layout.
You can already add a sketchup scene in layout, then modify it (zoom, pan, rotate). So why not change the layers that are visibles?

Zoom, pan, and orbit in LayOut disconnects the viewport from the scene in SketchUp. That’s not a good thing to do.

Indeed, that a good idea. I could juste make 3 general viewscene with the layer i want, then adjust the zoom level in layout. Thanks for the idea!

As I said, though, do not do anything that makes the scene show as modified. That includes zooming, panning, and orbiting in LO.

I’m not sure i get the difference between this method, and

cropping won’t change the zoom level, will it?

If you want to make a portion of the scene appear larger on the page, start out with Preserve Scale on Resize NOT checked. Drag the edges or corner of the viewport to make it larger. When you have that area displaying at the desired size on the page, check the box for Preserve Scale… Then drag the edges of the viewport to crop the view as desired.

Do not double click in the viewport or do anything else that will make the viewport show as modified.

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