Sending multiple scenes to lay out - it shows just one?

What do I do wrong? I have saved a SU file with multiple scenes. I have made a template in Lay out with several pages. But when sending the file to lay-out I can only see 1 scene. And I have to insert every scene one by one which seems odd?? Help anyone…?

Don’t insert them individually! Copy the first one and paste it where you want it. Then change to the desired scene in the SketchUp Model window in LO.

If you want multiple viewports on the same page, hold Option while dragging a copy of the viewport to the new position.

And do not double click a viewport or otherwise change it so it shows as modified in the Scenes list.

That´s what I used to do - but I am not allowed to copy/paste anymore (maybe new version?)

What? Who says you can’t copy and paste a viewport?

allowed is maybe not the right word :wink: but nothing happens when I copy/paste - it does not seem to be able to do it

Select the viewport on the first page. Go to the Edit menu and click Copy. Go to the new page and click Edit>Paste. You should get a new viewport on this page. Change the scene to the desired one in the Scenes dropdown list in the sketchUp Model utility window.

Thanks - that is also what I normally do, but now nothing happens, no new viewport - just a blank page

Is the layer your viewport is on locked on the page you’re trying to paste to?

How about uploading the LO file so I can see what you’ve got set up?

It is rather large - 229MB - can I send a link?
Thanks a lot - I am really challenged sometimes …
This file only grabs the first 3 scenes (of 21) and will not let me copy/paste and swop for the rest . I also wonder why it can grab 3 scenes and not all 21?Uploading…]()

229 Mb? Holy buckets! How about purging the unused stuff from your SketchUp file and updating the reference in LO?

Can you post a screen shot of the document’s references from document Setup?

Yeah - it seems strange that it so big - I will do a little work on it and get back - thanks for you time.

Before you change anything post that screen shot. I bet it’ll give some very useful information.

I am not sure it says anything ?

It tells me that your SketchUp model is obese. :slight_smile: Cleaning it up ought to help.

haha - you are probably right.
Still it does not explain why I am no longer allowed to copy/paste as I used to. But I´ll have to find a work-around. Thx :slight_smile:

Very likely it’s due to the SKP file size.

I think you are right - I am doing a massive clean-up right now and it looks like it might work! You made my day! THX

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Its not stacking the view ports is it? If I remember correctly it normally staggers them, and certainly not when you change pages, but might be worth a look. Also maybe a boarder on the page that has fill turned on and is on a higher layer? I’ve done that one before.

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