Sending Multiple Scenes to Layout at same time

I want to send say 5 scenes to layout and get 5 pages automatically created with the 5 scenes ready to go. I know I can manually copy and paste to new pages within layout but I want a quicker way of doing this? Any ideas? is there plugin or add on type things I can purchase?

Set up a template that already has the viewports on the pages as you need them linked to a dummy SketchUp… Then start a new file, go to Document Setup>References and Relink to replace your dummy .skp file with the project file.

not the worst work around, thanks. is there a way of setting the scenes to automatically scale to fit inside the frame that is in layout?

Not a work around. It’s a designed feature.

If the you are using the process I described, the scale can be preset for the viewports.

The two elevation viewports are set to 1:12 for the scale so the new model is shown at 1:12 after relinking. All on one page here but could be spread out over multiple pages just as easily.

If you think it’s too much of a “workaround” to create a template that is set up the way you want, you could try out the Create LayOut File extension. It’ll put a single viewport on each page but you’ll still have a fair amount of work to do on each page to get the model displayed correctly. I’d prefer to set up each page the way I want it in a template so I only have to do that work once. But that’s just me.