LayOut - creating viewports automatically from all scenes in SketchUp

Is it possible to export all/multiple scenes from sketch up automatically to viewports on pages in sketch up layout?
right now im creating viewports in layout individually for each scene, then i select each scene from the drop down menu. In some models (i’m an interior designer) … i have over 30 scenes i have to create viewports for… it takes forever and is super dull work … please help me

The way I do it is to Send to Sketchup. Then copy the viewport either on the same page or a new one and then change the scene to what I want. I don’t think there is any more automation beyond that available.

I have not tried, but…

“This sample creates one LayOut page for each SketchUp scene.”

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Build a template in SKP. Create a LO template with that model referenced. Use the SKP template for all new modeling. ‘Send to LayOut’ and choose the template you created.

I use this method every day… some models require adjustments but it takes care of the bulk of the work.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer, thats how i do it, too - i just think that a program to layout should offer more than this long manual way of doing it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the description. Sounds super smart!
I’m a bit new to all the abbreviations. Where do you build the template? What kind of template do you mean?

You’re an absolute hero to me. It works super nicely!! this will save me so much time! thank you!!!

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You can save any drawing in SKP or LO as a template. If you set them both up properly you will save a ton of time…