Exporting model views into layout

Hi Everyone,

I have my own layout template that I created a few years ago however I’m finding every time I use it I have to copy and paste the model 4 times and place them in the same positions every time.

I have reduced the time this takes by creating a layer called “guidelines” that are boxes which I use to size and position the model for different views. I then hide the layers and it works fine.

But I wondered if there’s a way I can assign those boxes to different views, so when I export the model into the template all of the views are already there?

I might not of explained it very well so if you have any questions feel free. Any help would be appreciated.

I think I understand what you are asking. First, create a model in SketchUp with the four scenes you want to use. You’ll use these same four scenes in each model going forward so you could create a SketchUp template that includes them.

Save that SketchUp file and send it to LayOut using your LO template. After you’ve got the first viewport copy it as needed to make the other three viewports (are these on the same page or multiple pages?) and set them up assigning each one to the appropriate scene. Very important: Do not do anything to these viewports to make their scenes show as modified.

With the viewports assigned to their scenes, set up in position and sized as you wish, save the file as a template. You’ll have to give it a new name when you do that.

Now, the next time you create a SketchUp model use those same four scene names for the views. If you made a SketchUp template as I suggested, those scenes will already be there. You can adjust the scenes if needed to change the camera position and style but leave the names alone.

When you get ready to create a new LO document, don’t use Send to LayOut. Instead, open the template in LayOut and go to File>Document Setup>References. Select the original SKP file you used to create the template and then click Relink. Select the new SKP file and those viewports will show the new model with the four scenes.

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I thought that might be the case, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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