Automating layout models

Hi, I’m new to Sketchup (started using it for my new job) and I’ve been assigned to test some possible features/plugins, and I need help to know if there’s already a plug-in or feature that does what I need:

Let’s say I have different models in my Sketchup Document and I need to create the layout with its dimensions and different views for each one. Is there a way of doing this almost automatically or something?

I’d appreciate it if someone had done this before to tell me how to.

If you’d be using standard scenes in your SketchUp file for the viewports in LayOut you could start by creating a SketchUp template that includes those scenes. Use this template to create your models. Using that template you can create a dummy SketchUp model file and use it to set up a LayOut template. Here’s an example from one of my templates. I’ve hidden everything on the page but the viewports.

When you are ready to start a new LayOut project, open the template with the dummy SketchUp reference file. In Document Setup>References, select the dummy .skp file, choose Relink, and select your project file. The viewports will update to show the project model. I did that for the next image.

Dimensioning will not be automatic but once you have the viewports set up, adding dimensions is straightforward.

Note that the LO template will have the desired paper size, fonts and styles for labels and dimensions, and it should have layers for the different entity types and set up by you. It can also include company logo, boilerplate text, title blocks, etc.

Layers for the template, above.
Screenshot - 9_5_2022 , 7_01_26 PM


What Dave said - I have multiple templates for various clients and uses, all linked to a dummy SKP model. I then can send whatever I’m on in SKP to LO, choose the template - it populates the LO sheets with the model views (and because my SKP model is also a template it already has all the scenes setup with Tags, Styles, etc.

Then I just need to dimension and notate…


First of all thanks for both answers, both helpful.
I had already did the relink feature and I believe its my best option.

But, what happens if I have different pieces in one doc and I want to get a Layout File for each one of them, I tried hiding the rest of the scene but the scenes would be all messed up when I hide the rest of the objects and the objects are set up in different directions and orientations. Is there a way of separating each of them in different files so I can relink them easier? Or do I just have to copy and paste them to a dummy File?

Sorry for all the doubts but its kinda confusing haha. Thanks again (::

You shouldn’t be using Hide for that. Use tags. It would help if you’d share a sample .skp file so we can see how you are setting up your model.

Probably won’t need to copy and paste to separate files.

Exactly! Templates for both SU and LO setup to always work together.

This is the main thing I’m discussing at Basecamp.


As Dave said, don’t use hide. Use scenes and tags to control visibility.

That said, you will still run into that odd project that requires more beyond your template. For me it is custom homes where I may end up with a design too large for the sheet.

Same goes for the floor plans since many of my projects need to be broken up into 2-3 floor plan sheets or rotated for better placement on the sheet to allow for grids, dimensions and notes.

While changes are then required to the layout, the templates speed the whole process up significantly regardless of the project size and configuration.

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Create a tag structure. Or, sure, copy / paste into another file, ideally with the same layers / scenes / etc - so it goes into LO seamlessly.

I often have to create 2-3 versions of timber frame concepts. Sometimes using tags works best, other times it is faster to just copy / paste and alter in a new document.

But for 90% of my work my templates in SKP mesh with my templates in LO and I have little fuss setting up sheets - I can get right into documenting / notes / etc.

I’ve just now started to consolidate my templates - I’ve gotten all my clients used to my format - so now I have a master LO template with all my clients logos in the title block - I just delete the layers (in LO) that I don’t need…

Amazing! Glad to hear I was doing it kinda OK haha…
Thanks a lot Mike, Sonder and Dave, you all are very kind… really thanks a lot.

Take care (: