Has anyone found out a way to add your model to layout with pre determined scale and views in different parts of your layout document

I might be asking too much with this one, I work building models and plans in a furniture company, so I build the furniture with sketchup and use layout for the plans for the craftsmen. I find it taking about as long if not longer in the layout process. I was wondering if anyone has figured out a system for importing your model and having it show up to scale and in several different positions in their template. If you have figured this out I would love to talk.

I would make a simple basic model, perhaps only a box in a size that corresponds to the model you usually make. Then set up scenes for the standard views you always use. Save it, send to LayOut and set up your views in your standard configuration of pages. Then, save both the placeholder model and the LayOut file as templates. Build your actual model to a file that has your dummy model as template and save it. Start a new LayOut file with your saved template. In Document setup>References, use the Reload function to replace the “dummy” with your actual model.


I will give that a shot thanks for the advice, I’m somewhat new to this so any suggestions are a help

Another way to skin the cat. When setting the scenes in SketchUp, for each view use zoom extents. Then when sending to Layout, each scene will be a full scale. Simply change the scale to what is required to fit the document. To put multiple scenes on one page simply copy and paste, resizing the viewport as necessary.

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The SketchUp Team has a sample extension that creates a viewport page in a new LayOut document for every scene in a SketchUp model.

It is just an example of what is possible and only allows the choice of paper size during the export.

Some users who’ve tried it suggest a similar extension be made that allows the choice of a template (in some manner.)

Other extensions in the warehouse search on “layout”: