How to set scale in Sketchup?

Im pretty new in this program.
I made two drawings, in two different windows (over and under floor)
How / where can I determine that both of them should appear in the same Scale in Sketchup - before I export to a JPG?

Normally you draw at full scale in SketchUp. If you want to make two JPGs and know that the different views are shown at the same scale, it would be easiest to send the views to LayOut, set the scale as desired, and export the JPGs from there.

Yes, i did full scale. Ok, i can´t set the view/scale in Sketchup…
Havn´t worked so much in Layout, so I will try doing so - Hope the meny will show me the way
Thanks DaveR

Think about viewing a model in SketchUp much like viewing a real building through the viewfinder of a camera. There’s no scale to set. When you get into Layout, you are dealing with paper space which can then have a scale. Of course you need to set up the scenes in SketchUp with the camera set to Parallel Projection and select the Top view to be able to show your plan views.

Layout is more flat, like illustrator it looks like. I guess its easier to put the text in the picture in LayOut too even some small drawings.
Will Sketchup object update automatic in to LayOut if i do changes?

LayOut is the tool to use for creating documents from your SketchUp model. Create scenes in SketchUp showing the desired views and use those as viewports in LayOut. You can have multiple viewports on a page, add dimensions, text, images,and even draw 2D stuff in LayOut. (I draw dashed lines in LayOut over the SketchUp viewports.)

Yes. After you save the SketchUp file, you can update the reference in LO. As long as you maintain a direct link between the scenes in SketchUp and the viewports in LayOut changes to the scenes in Sketchup can be updated in LO automatically. One thing to avoid is opening the vieports in LO to zoom, orbit, or pan because doing so will result ina disconnect between the original scen in SU and the viewport.

Thanks alot Dave, lerned alot today… could even update with changes.
All the best!