Scene copying

Hello Sages and Tumbleweeds (2 Questions please),

  1. I’ve created my scenes in Sketchup

  2. I’ve created my Template in Layout

  3. I’d like to send some, NOT ALL of my scenes to my Layout Template. Is there a method to do?

  4. Also, I have a scene in one Sketchup file and would like to copy/send to another Layout file. Is there a method to do?


When you import the SU file into Layout it will create a window on the page and you just select the scene it should reference from your SU scenes in the sketchup/model/view drawer. You can then create further instances of the SU file window on the same page or other pages you create and again select which scene it should represent from the sketchup model window. ( note of caution: double clicking the view in layout will allow you to alter the view but it then becomes “modified” and orphaned from the SU scene it references.) Best to alter your views in SU and save the file, then in layout the view will update after “updating scene”.
To get another SU file into the same layout doc you would further import that SU file into the same document and select the scene you need by the same method.
So to be clear, you are not importing scenes into layout, but the whole SU file from which you can choose the scenes you want to use.
In the document setup window you can see which SU files and other images are referenced in a list.

I use a Layout template suggested by Michael Brightman in his book The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture. That includes a lot of “service” scenes that would not normally be used for presentation purposes. They are there for being able to see specific things during the design process (such as checking that all lines are on axis). When you send a drawing to LO from SU, it will create a viewport with the scene you were looking at when you did the send. It is then up to you whether you change the scene, add a scene, change the scale, etc. But you will have all the scenes at your disposal once a file has been sent to LO.

Equally, you can send the SU file to any number of LO files. One of the great beauties of the system is that you can import many different SU files and other types of files (images, say) into an LO drawing.

Thanks for the replies, but maybe my post wasn’t clear enough.

Example scenario:

  1. I have some scenes made in Sketchup of which I “Send to Layout” and am happy with. Scenes arrive in Layout and all is great.

  2. I go back to Sketchup and create another scene of which I’d like to send to the SAME Layout doc as stated in #1. When I do this Sketchup immediately brings up my templates for me to choose from. I already have my template set up and have images as stated in #1.

  3. I’d like to just add this new scene to my existing file, not open a new template file. How do I send this scene to my already open template that has other scenes added?

Or do I send each new scene to new template file and copy and paste to my existing file? Seems like an unnecessary step??


Are you importing the sketchup file into layout and subsequently pulling up those scenes or are you importing 2d images exported from those sketchup scenes.

If you have imported the sketchup file into layout and pulled up various scenes, if you create new scenes in that same SU file and save it. When you open the exisitng layout document and update the SU reference file, those new scenes will be available to show/open.

Don’t use the “send to layout” command. Save the sketchup file, then open your exisitng Layout file and update that SU reference, then the new scens will be available to show in that Layout document.

I could be wrong as I’ve never used the send to layout command, but it may be for the original creation only, but once the layout doc is created and it has the SU file in it to reference, you only ever then need to change the SU file and update it in LO.

As WR said, Send to LayOut is for creating a new LayOut project from your SketchUp file. Going back to LayOut and updating the reference will add the new scenes to the list of them in the SketchUp Model panel and you can select them.

Building on what DaveR said, when you send to LayOut directlty from SU…it creates a viewport (or view) in a page automatically for you.

You can add as many new scenes to your model as you like at any time add also add new pages in LO at any time. If you have trouble seeing your model scenes in LO then check to make sure you model reference is updated.

*Tip: a quick way to add a new view in LO is to duplicate an existing page with a view already set up and then switch it to a new scene from the drop down list.

Thanks for the help. Forgot about the scene tray in Layout.

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the good advice

Bingo !

Do you mean the SketchUp Model panel?

Yes. Thanks