How to send to LayOut a single item of a model

Hi! I can’t figure out how to act. It would seem that this is a simple and very necessary and obvious functionality for the design of 2D drawings. I have a model, it has a lot of details. How do I send a selected part or parts from SketchUp to LayOut (to a new sheet or to an open sheet). In order to keep connection with this model.

I know that many people create separate scenes. But I can’t create hundreds of separate scenes and layers for every detail.

This and your remarks in the other threads you’ve posted in indicate you do not understand how SketchUp and LayOut are designed to work together. The viewports in the LayOut document are views of the SketchUp model. Scenes in the SketchUp model are created to establish the views of the model in the viewports in LayOut. You are NOT sending the objects themselves to LayOut. If you only want to see one object from the SketchUp model in a viewport, use tags to control the visibility of the objects in the model and turn off the tags for the objects you don’t want to see.

Although you can enable editing of the camera position for individual viewports in LayOut, it’s not a great idea unless you understand the full implications, especially if you are creating something like dimensioned shop drawings.

A SketchUp file is only sent ONCE to a given LayOut document. After it has been sent, copy the viewport to make additional ones and change the scene as needed.

It may be that you don’t really need hundreds of scenes for every detail. It might be that a single scene can be used for multiple viewports. Even for quite complex shop drawings I can usually manage with no more than 6 or 8 scenes.

Yes, I understand that layout is just a kind of program for viewing skp files. But I was still hoping that there was some kind of function like “hide the rest of the model”

вс, 21 апр. 2024 г., 23:24 Dave via SketchUp Forum <>:

You can control tag visibility for viewports in LayOut but in order for that to work you need to first use tags correctly in SketchUp.

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btw I’ve found one nice extension. It makes new layer (and the scene if needed) from a selected component and takes the component name for it.

ithil_add_layer_from_object.rbz (1.9 KB)

Good. As long as it works for you. I expect it’ll create more tags and scenes than you really need but as long as it gets you what you need, full speed ahead.

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