How to send one component to Layout from Sketchup


Hi Guys,

I’ve created a model in Sketchup, and made it with 4 components.

I would like to send each component to Layout so I can make a technical drawing for each part to be manufactured. As sending the whole drawing would mean far too many dimensions etc so I would like to have 4 separate technical drawings for each component.

Is there a way to do this? As I’ve tried highlighting one component, then ‘Send to Layout’, but the whole drawing goes.

I’ve attached a jpg to show the 4 components highlighted.

Thanks a lot


In SketchUp Layout you would be using the scenes that you’ve set up in SketchUp.

So In SketchUp assign each of the four components to their own layer.
Set up scenes showing only one layer per scene.

In Layout these scenes “represent” the part that you then dimension.

Otherwise you would have to send four different models, each with their own component, to Layout.
By far not the favorite way though.


Hi, Thanks for the reply!

I have made each of the components have their own Layer in Sketchup - so 4 layers in total.

I then send the drawing to Layout, but cannot seem to split it down in to layers, and I can just see the whole drawing still.

Please could you tell me where I can turn layers off?

Thanks a lot


EDIT: ‘Scenes’ - I’ve not done this part!! I will have a look at doing them now.


Think of each scene you create in SketchUp as a photo of some part of the model. That might be the exploded view as in your screen shot or it might be an assembled view. It could be views of the individual parts, too. Each of the scenes you create in SketchUp is then used for a viewport in LayOut.

If you want to show an assembled view and the exploded view, you’ll need to have two copies of the assembly. One fully assembled and one exploded. Moving the parts between scenes won’t get you the results you need.

Here is an example from a LayOut project I did. Each view of the model is a viewport made from a different scene.

If you were to do a Zoom Extents of the SketchUp model, there would be an assembled copy of the urn for the three views on the first page and an exploded copy off to one side for the exploded view. For the bottom view on the second page, I turned off the layer for the top of the box to show the interior and created another scene.


Brilliant, thanks Dave :smile: