Creating Different Layout Pages

Good Afternoon,

I am a new SketchUp and Layout User. I have created a basic chair design. Basically a modern Muskoka/Adirondack chair.

My SketchUp drawing has all the different parts set as components, tagged.

In addition, I have created different scenes for each individual part.

I can get so far as sending my drawing to layout and then I am not able to progress further.

What process do I follow to create different layout pages so that I can illustrate the different components and dimension each separately?



You can create new pages in your LayOut document using the Add Page button on the toolbar at the top or via the menu. After you have the first viewport in your document, copy it and paste it to the next page (or you might make a copy on the same page. Then change the sceneas Desired in the SketchUp Model panel or by right clicking on the viewport and selecting the scene from the context menu.