Having an issue with finding the “pages panel” in my current "default tray"

Pages Feature

I guess in a left side you have Layout program and the right side is SketchUp.

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SketchUp (on the right) does not have a Pages panel.

Why do you want yo have pages on the sketchup tray?

I expect the OP got confused. The screenshot from LayOut showing the Pages panel comes from some instructional materials for LayOut. The OP probably didn’t catch that difference. The fact that the only panel name both have in common is Instructor probably didn’t click, either.

Yes the illustration on the left is from the instructions to create a new page within the drawing. I’m trying to find where I can create a new page within the lay/drawing. The screen shot on the right hand side is what I see. No “pages” showing. Is there another location to either activate “pages” or a setting I need to do.
Thanks all for the quick replies.

Pages are part of LayOut, not SketchUp. You create your document with multiple pages in LayOut. SketchUp is for creating your 3D models.

Your screenshot shows the Default Tray in SketchUp.

It’s in LayOut, not SketchUp.

Sounds like you would benefit spending some time going through the instructional materials for SketchUp and LayOut at learn.sketchup.com

Here’s an example from a LayOut project I did. This shows Page 2 of the document. The exploded view of the book shelf is from a scene in my SketchUp model. I sent the model to LayOut and set up the viewports on the pages as needed. Then added the annotations.

I´m not sure what you´re trying to find, but pages you won´t be able to do it on skp. Maybe you´re confused with scenes, that’s the closest to “pages” on sketchup.
It would be a good idea to follow the free courses from the links shared by Dave. All this doubts and a lot more will be answered.

Oh my gosh and my apologies everyone. I understand now the process of the two programs. Thanks Dave for realigning my “old ways” to the “new” by modeling first in (SketchUp) then creating the “pages” in the separate app “LayOut”. I’ve been juggling between a lot of different designing software over the years and as they say, “use it or loose it”. In fact my first SketchUp workshop was a two day session (in person), back in 2008. Pretty basic then but very easy to use. Thanks to those who reached out. Have yourselves a great day and thank you.


Francis, thank you too. Yes it was the “scenes” I had forgotten about and was originally looking for. The “pages” took all of us on a total detour and caused the confusion. Cheers!

And to add my 2 cents to the confusion “Scenes” were called “Pages” in SketchUp 20 years ago, before LayOut was introduced.

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Old timer, 20 year old reminder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks!