Default tray in LayOut

I am new to sketchup and Layout. I am trying to understand printing and page setup however the default tray is not shown. How do I turn this on. Thanks

To get the Default tray to show, go to Window>Default Tray>Show Tray. If it’s already shown but rolled up on the side, click on its tab on the right edge of the screen. While it is open you can click the pin at the top to keep it open.

Document SetUp is found in File>Document SetUp, though.


Thanks for your help. I could not find the default tray under Window?


My apologies. On Mac you just need to select the windows from the Window menu such as Shape Style, SketchUp Model, Layers, etc.

Again, the settings for page size are in File>Document Setup.


Thanks so much for your help! Mikeny

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