Beginner: How do I get the Default Tray?

My Sketchup 2015 does not have a “Default Tray”, and I cannot find a way to turn it on. There is no “Show Tray” option in the Windows Menu. Assist required, thanks!

There are no trays in SU15. That started with SU16.

Go to the Window menu and open the various dialog panels you want from there. Those dialog panels are sticky though. If you drag them to the edge of the workspace, they will stick to the side as well as to one another. And the dialogs will expand and collapse by clicking on the panel header.

This is how I used to setup SketchUp before SU2016 and the introduction of trays.

By making the drawing window a little narrower than the screen, I could keep the utility windows open on the right without covering the model window.

catamountain: No, I have NOTHING on the right edge.

No, nothing on the right edge.

Go to the Window menu and click on the items you would like - Entity Info, Styles, Shadows, etc.

OK, I’ve got several up there, and they do stick together, but there is no “Default Tray”, they are windows.

There is no trays - so no default tray - in SU 15. That started with SU16.

Is SU16 an online-only program, or is there a DL version?

The free version of SU17, called SketchUp Make 2017, is still available from the SketchUp site. The hardware requirements are more demanding though, namely it requires a graphics card that fully support OpenGL 3.0 and 64 bit…

Don’t uninstall SU15 until you know if SU17 Make will work on your machine.

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Wow, I did not think there was an SU-2017 that wasn’t on-line! Thanks so much.

I’ve installed SU-2017, ans SU-2015 is still available. I checked for the Graphics card compatibility, and all seems fine. … and, of course, I’ve got that pesky Default Tray in SU-2017!

Hi I used to have the pin icon on my default tray so I can pin and unpin the tray but mysteriously disappeared.
Can someone guide me how to put back the pin icon so I can just hide the tray on the right side of my monitor. thanks

Look in your “Window” menu. Do you see “Default Tray” there? My SU2017 does. You should be able to get your tray back from there.

Arranging dialog boxes and trays.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am able to open my default tray, it’s just that the “pin” icon beside the “X” mark is not showing anymore.


The top of the tray should be aligned with the top edge of the model space. Yours isn’t. The tray isn’t docked which is why the pin is not displayed. Double click on the blue bar next to “Default Tray” and it should re-dock itself.


Oh Great!! I double clicked and pin showed up!! Thanks!

I have a mac book pro and 2017 make and it does not have a default tray in windows? what am i doing wrong?

There’s no Default tray in the Mac interface. There’s no tray at all. You can open the individual windows and stack them together though.


Hi DaveR, What do you mean by “opening individual windows and stacking them?” I am a new user and at school we have Sketchup for PCs. I am using Sketchup Make 2017 for Mac at home and am lost without that default tray! I cannot keep track of my components, for instance. Thanks!