"Arranging dialog boxes and trays" section makes no mention it's WIndows only

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Arranging dialog boxes and trays” section makes no mention that trays are WIndows only (at least on CHrome on a Windows machine.)

Some newbs are confused and try to create trays on Mac.

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v 2016 and higher

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User Guide pages have no selection control for this.
Perhaps Drupal pages auto detect platform ?

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The article says “Activate the Paint Bucket tool after you click a material swatch (Mac OS X only).” so I would assume the same article is used regardless of OS.

Also secretly showing different articles do different users depending on OS would be quite stupid. There are all sorts of valid use cases for searching info on another machine, e.g. when you are helping a friend on a remote location or when you use your tablet besides your computer.

The User Guide page in question does have a selection control for OS.
It’s at the very end of what equates to more than twelve pages of text.

The current 3DWH banner reads, ”Deliver work you’re incredibly proud of.”
It seems the Help Center missed that memo.


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And ironically a lot of the imagery when setting it to Mac is from Windows.

If such an option should exist I think it should be a the top of the page next to SU version where people actually will find it. Even better, show and maintain the same article for all systems and if when differ, have a specially styled info box (e.g. yellowish background and the title “System differences”) explaining the differences. Even if you just use one system yourself it is good to know the differences to avoid misunderstandings with other users.

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Good catch!

Agree. (What a silly place to put that control.)

Well as Geo has shown, the article CHANGES depending upon the OS control hidden way down at the bottom of the page.

I agree totally. Unfortunately this was a decision made some time ago, and is not easily changed now.

Okay so do I mark as solved, or would it still help to have a “notebox” saying trays are MS Windows edition only ?




(…seems there’s an echo in here …)


I suppose a note would help. Adding a bit more butter to burned toast doesn’t harm the toast.

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