Default Tray and set workspace doesn't work


How can I show the window of default tray , I tried window>preferences>workspace>set workspace but it doesn’t work :frowning:


Try ticking Show tray at Windows->Default tray-> menu


Unfortunately, I haven’t this option in my window list in SketchUp.


Does it say ‘hide tray’ ?


At the top


No, It doesn’t.


What does the first item of the window menu say , then?


Model info , Entity info , Materials , Components , Styles , Layers , Outliner , Scenes , Shadows , Fog , Match photo … and more items have nothing to do with Default Tray :frowning:


You are on a Mac?
There is no default tray on Mac,


No, Windows 7 Laptop Hp.


oh ,Thank U I solved the problem.


How then?


By installing skechup 2017 , the default tray doesn’t exist in 2015 .


64 bit? It helps a lot if you fill in the right information in your profile…


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