Cover page missing in page list and Tags does not appear in default tray when opening a file

Hi Internet people, new sketchup user here. I’ve made some plans in sketchup and trying to get them into layout. I’ve been watching the tutorials on importing files to sketchup . I’ve made a few false starts and just closed the program, but now when I open layout the “pages” tab only shows page 1 --no cover page , and “tabs” is missing from the default tray panel. I tried repairing the program installation thinking that might restore some defaults I had screwed up but didn’t change anything

Which template did you open this time? Not all templates are set up with a page named Cover Page. You can make your own template and name the first page Cover Page if you want.

There’s not supposed to be an inspector window called “tabs” in LayOut. This shows a list of all the available inspector windows in LayOut. Maybe you’re confusing it with something else?
Screenshot - 5_11_2023 , 6_36_53 PM

These things you describe would not be related to the installation of SketchUp and LayOut.

Maybe you are confusing Tags with Tabs? Tags would be found in the SketchUp Model panel.

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BTW, there would be a Tags inspector panel in the tray in Sketchup.

Thanks Dave! I had changed the paper choice from A4 landscape to letter paper. When I re-opened in A4 the cover page showed up and also, under the camera drop down, there is a Tags button, (effects, Style, Tabs)
Thank you so much for the quick response!

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