Layer Palette Missing

Help! My layer palette is missing and I cannot fin it anywhere. I want it in my tray but there is no option to add it through the tray management buttons. I also reset the workspace and this did nothing.

Your profile is incomplete and as such we can’t know what version of Sketchup you are using. If it is 2019 then we need to look for your layers panel and why it has disappeared, if it is 2020 we would say look for the Tags panel as it is the new layers.
I’m also somewhat confused, does Mac have trays?

If you are using SketchUp 2020 now, it might be a good idea to read the Release Notes to see what has changed.

No. The layers/tags panel is opened using the Window/Layers (2020: Window/Tags) menu. Just as in Windows, though, if the user has been attaching and detaching external displays, it is possible for SketchUp to get confused about where the window should open.

reset workspace can place them bottom right of screen on older mac OS’s…

but, as it’s also possible to run the windows version on a mac…

MORE info required…


Thanks everyone!!! I have 2020 now and did not know that the name of layers has changed to Tags and has material ID now. Thanks for the help.

Still relevant.

In the future you can include your version whenever you post.

Glad I found this article. Why change the name of Layers to Tags… makes no sense.

Actually it does since Layers is really a 2D concept. If you’d spent as many years teaching new SketchUp users how to correctly use layers as a number of the sages here (including myself), you’d welcome the removal of the word layer in SketchUp.

Also, LayOut uses the term “Layer” in a way consistent with other 2D apps, but completely different from how SketchUp was using the term. That was needlessly confusing.