I can not see "Layers" in the default tray in SketchUp Pro 2023

can somebody help me? I download the free 2023 sketchup pro, and when i get to default tray I can not see the Layers.
I have a PC with windows.
Can you tell me what to do to see it and use Layers?
thanks a lot

SketchUp pro is not free, but there is 30 day trial… :wink:

The Layer is renamed to Tag for a couple of years now.

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Since 2020 they’re called Tags. Pretty much everything you knew about layers is the same, different name though :slight_smile:

edit : tss tss, Dezmo strikes again. :slight_smile:

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Please correct your forum profile. That information helps us help you. Your bogus answers don’t help you get assistance.
Screenshot - 2_27_2023 , 8_49_22 AM

Well, you got some of it updated. The operating system would be Windows or Mac, not 2023.