Layer window?

I’m coming to Sketchup Pro 2023 from having used Sketchup 17 previously and not used it after four years. There used to be a layers window, and the help still says there should be a “layers” icon (Viewing Your Models | SketchUp Help) but it is not visible. It does not appear in the tray or menu bar

, or View menu.

Layers was replaced a few versions ago with Tags. Mostly the same although there is the added Tag folders and the option to set Dashes. Look in the Default Tray for Tags.

Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 10_56_22 AM

The same rule that applied to using layers in older versions of SketchUp applies to Tags. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged and tags should be give to groups and components.

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The Help article you referred to is for the old SketchUp viewer not SketchUp 2023.

Change from calling them layers to tags in SU2020 Release Notes.

Tag folders in SU2021 Release Notes.

Help article on using tags.

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Ok, “Tags”; thank you for the help. That help is the article that came up when clicking “Help Center” from the Pro app and searching for “Layers”. But I see that this is a help DB.

(IMHO weird name change, but…) I had to go into “Windows | Manage Trays” and add it to my default tray for it to be there regularly. Seems odd: Maybe most folks don’t use tags/layers that they aren’t there by default? I use them in every drawing.

Tags makes more sense to me than Layers for SketchUp. Layers imply there’s a stacking order as in the old days of drawing on vellu or film as well as in applications like PhotoShop or even LayOut. In SketchUp there’s no stacking order for tags and there never was for layers before.

Tags is normally in the Default Tray out of the box. Perhaps you removed it by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the panel.

As I wrote, Tags is normally included in the Default tray. Most professional and experienced SketchUp users do use tags to control the visibility of the groups and components in their model.

You’re making a big leap from 17 to 23. You might want to go back through the release notes for the versions in between as well as the release notes for 2023 to see what has changed. There are quite a few things between SketchUp and LayOut.