Layers panel missing for mac

How can I recover my layers panel on a mac

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Clicking Window>Layers doesn’t make it visible? Try Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace under the SketchUp menu to the left of File. Then try showing the Layers window from the Window menu again.

Thanks DaveR - unfortunately none of those seem to work. Just for clarification, this is the Layers Panel plugin and not the default layers that are part of SU.

Ah… Sorry.

Is it active in Preferences>Extensions?

Yup! I just checked that too but no luck. Frustrating. I appreciate your help though!

I’m running into a similar issue when the Layers pane/menu is missing in SketchUp Pro 2020. I’ve done the workaround to have menus work but simply cannot access the Layers menu. Here’s a screenshot of my “Window” menu.

You need to read the release notes for SU 2020. Layers have been replaced by Tags. And Tags is clearly shown in your screen shot and its panel is minimized.

Tags do what layers did in SketchUp. Only the name is changed. The rules are the same. All edges and faces are created as Untagged and remain untagged. Only components and groups get other tags assigned to them.

This is an ancient thread, by the way.

Thanks @DaveR! I appreciate the quick response on this, and I’m all set to work with tags now.

Good deal. You might want to spend a couple of minutes going over the Release Notes so you can find out what else has changed.