No layers on mac

can anyone please tell me why there’s no Layers on Mac Sketch up pro 2020 ???
I can’t find it anywhere?
and it’s not on windows
Thank you

Because it was renamed “tags”. Otherwise it is the same as layers were pre-2020.

This is a redundant question, so renaming the layers to “tag” was not a good idea (especially after 18 years), although it made a bit of sense due to their particular operation.
The problem is that there are no “tags” in a lot of other software.

That’s not really a bad thing, as the different behavior of SketchUp’s “layers” caused no end of confusion for people coming to it from other software with “layers”. Having no preconception of what they should do leaves people to learn correctly what they really do.



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I agree, it may have sense (for english people…). But it make new users asking always the question were layers are…

In fact it is simple : any entity could be on a layer, geometry or group/component. So, by default, change layer only with group/component and there is no problems.

Really they should be reading the release notes or the fanfare email / blog post from Trimble announcing the latest version

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Plus, in the past we had to handle multiple questions per week from users who thought layers should behave the same as in 2D apps. Answering “where did the layers go?” is a lot easier!

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There is no difference between AutoCad layers and SketchUp tags except that the former have more options. And SketchUp tags become layers when you export to any other application. I can live with tags but I still think there was no need to the change.