Layers - where are they?

I’ve upgraded to the Shop version. In my prior version I used layers to create simple shop drawings by creating a combination of scenes and layers. I see scenes but not layers. How do I turn on the layer function? Thanks

Just updated to SketchUp Pro 2020, and noticed that, too. It appears to have been relabeled as “Tags”. Not sure what the difference is, but it looks like one of the big “wins” they’re advertising. Given that Layers were in some ways clumsy (if you add a new layer, it’s assumed to be on for all scenes, which is a pain if you use a lot of scenes), I’m hopeful they fixed that tic.

Jeff, the name was changed to Tags and there’s a tag icon on the right side of the screen to access them. They work exactly the way Layers worked in earlier versions.
Screenshot - 1_30_2020 , 9_31_13 AM

It was only a name change for the property. In SketchUp 2020 if you find you need to add tags after you’ve created scenes and you don’t want those tags visible, you can use an extension called Auto Invisible Layer to create tags that are hidden for existing scenes. Although the name and UI text needs to be changed to ‘tag’, it works just fine in 2020 as it is.


Hi, DaveR! Thanks for the speedy reply. I will check out Auto Invisible Layer. I tried Layers Manager and even paid for a license, but it refused to acknowledge my purchase and the publisher hasn’t responded to multiple requests to rectify the situation. Is there a way to leave ratings for extensions? This is really disappointing, and the necessity of a license past the free trial phase was not disclosed in the description.

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Thanks to both of you. I’ll play with Tags - sounds like that’s the answer. I always struggle a bit when I start a new project can’t always remember all the steps!!

It sounds like you need to do more projects. :slight_smile:

You will treat tags as you did layers. That is, all edges and faces will be created as untagged and remain untagged. You’ll make components or groups of discrete parts and assign tags to them as appropriate for the project and the way you want to show different parts in your scenes.

More projects … that’s the idea!!

More projects equals more tools. And clamps. You can never have too many clamps. :smiley:


So true! On the project I am currently working, I have to pause after gluing up each large panel because I have only enough long clamps to do one at a time :flushed:

Time for more, then, Steve.

Somehow I (wrongly) thought that 60 was enough, but I only have 8 5-footers! What the heck, it’s only money…

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In the Desktop version, yes.

SU Shop doesn’t allow extensions, AFAIK. I thought it was the commercially licensed equivalent of Sketchup Free for Web use only?

Correct. I was replying to scareduck who, at least according to his profile, is using Sketchup Pro and I was referring to SketchUp 2020, not SketchUp Shop.

Ah, I was looking mainly at the OP, who specifically mentioned Shop. I see now what you were saying applied only to the second post. Apologies for reading too quickly. You advice is always spot on.

No worries. Someone else might come along and make the same assumption.

Fixed it for you.

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Is this a screenshot of a Windows not Mac Sketchup screen? I use 2020 now on macOS and it doesn’t look familiar.

This thread is about SketchUp Shop not the desktop version so it’ll look different. Other than cosmetics, the Tags inspector panel looks very much the same between desktop version on Windows and Mac.