SketchUp help with scenes and tags

Hi I need to find someone to help me with a Sketchup problem that happens after I got a model completed with the scenes and tags I got through and update each scene and then I got to file and clicked on save. Everything seems to be fine at that point. It is when I have to either make changes by adding new tags to the model it seems that each scene gets revised that I did not want to get revised. What do I do to fix this. I hope you understand. I do not have a specific drawing in mind to show. Sometimes all the tags come on when I don’t want them to.

Can you post one example model @compcad? You may be using Tags and Scenes incorrectly.

Your profile says SketchUp 2019 but Tags were introduced in 2020. So what version are you using?

I am using Sketchup pro 2021

Two thoughts:

  1. If you add a new tag, by default it is ‘on’ in all scenes. There is an extension “Auto Invisible Layer” which adds a new tag which is ‘on’ in only the current scene.

  2. Are you remembering to update a scene after you make any changes to Tag visibility in it?

Thanks I will look at that extension

Maybe fix your profile.