New Tags and Scenes

Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to prevent new tags from populating exsisting scenes. I am setting up scenes to use in layout for drafting styles and if I add new tags, they show up in all of the scenes.

You can use an extension to create those new tags to make sure they aren’t visible in existing scenes. Auto Invisible Layer will do it. Needs the name to be updated but it works just fine in 2020.

That is very helpful. I will try it.

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Wow! Ok. I am glad that it worked. It took me a little time. I had to restart the program to get it to function and after a little nightmare of trying to solve my problem with the scene manager - (Note to self: don’t turn off the scene save features ever!) I am in business with this extension. The only thing I am concerned about is that I will forget to turn on the extension every time I open the program, but it is a very useful extension for my needs!

You could set up a keyboard shortcut to activate it. Or you might consider creating your tags before you create all your scenes. that’s the way I work and it saves a lot of back and forth.