Adding tags in Sketchup populating all scenes in layout

I’m working on an architectural model in Sketchup and every time I create a new tag, and update the scene I’m working in, the new tag shown up in every other scene in the model. I have to go back into every existing scene where the new tag should not appear and turn off the new tag. I’m very careful to tag all new design elements with new tags, but wondering if there is something in my work flow that could be improved to I don’t have to go back in and remove unwanted tags. Thanks!

This is normal behavior. There is an extension called Auto Invisible Layer in the Extension Warehouse that will make new tags hidden in existing scenes. It sounds like the perfect solution for you.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

You’re quite welcome.

BTW, please complete your profile with SketchUp version and graphics card model. That information helps us help you.