Turn new Tag (Layer) visibility off by default in new scenes

Is there a way to turn off the visibility of new Tag (layers) from populating into existing scenes. When I add a new Tag, and place items within the tag, this new Tag is now visible in all existing Scenes which I then have to update one-by-one to turn the tag off. Does anyone else find this annoying, or know of a workaround?

It has been discussed before. There are a couple of available extensions that address this, for instance:


As @Anssi has said, this is something that regularly comes up.

There are a number of things like this that appear frequently in this forum and often result in one or more extensions being produced. I wonder if others agree that such cases should be the equivalent of waving a big red flag at developers to get the functionality built in?


It ought to be a toggle. I use another application (Archicad) that has new layers turned off in all layer combinations, and that, too, is annoying at times.

Oh my! Someone built a workaround. Yes, seems like this should be addressed within Sketchup since it is such a common workflow snafu.

Thanks for the tip!

I was just about to ask the same question;

The extension is okay…a bit clunky. A better way would be to right-click the Tag visibility (in the tags menu) and select “turn off in all scenes”

Seems like a simple fix that would improve productivity in SketchUp Pro without confusing newbies.

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