Auto Invisible Layer

I would like to suggest that this extension becomes a built in feature. It operates as a simple toggle which might be built into the Tag dialog box, say.

If it keeps a similar name, it should probably become Auto Invisible Tag to keep up with developments.


While I’m not against for new feature … until that is implemented: there is a relatively easy way to change layer/tag visibility by scenes, without any extension:

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Not sure I have quite understood.

Here’s a scenario as an example. You have set up a large number of scenes with individual tags turned on and off as appropriate. Now you want to add something and create a tag for it such that will only be visible in one scene. Without extension, the new tag would be switched on in every scene by default. My understanding is that the extension avoids that when switched on and so avoids the need to laboriously go through scene by scene switching it off.

I guess the way it might work if it were built in is that when you click to create a new tag, you might be asked if it is to be unique to the current scene (would that work?). Say no, and everything would be as default now.

Did you watch the attached animation in my quoted post?

The method there shows exactly that:

You can select all or several scenes on the Scenes Tray to apply the desired visibility.

But of course, it is still more click than using the extension, or “native feature” you wished.
It is just an advise how can you do it without the plugin currently.

I think it could be a good addition to the Tags panel. While you wait for the feature to be added, why not set up a keyboard shortcut? It’ll take you a few seconds and save you a lot of minutes.