New elements automatically show in all scenes


I am preparing a model for layout with a scene for each unique component of which there are about 30. Each scene has all other elements hidden except the one of interest.

As I move from one scene to the next populating the new component and hiding the previous elements the previous scenes that I have completed inherit the components I have added to the new scene. This makes sense as I am adding to the single view however it would be better that they be hidden by default in the other scenes. Is there a preference I can use for this to turn on this behaviour?

If not, is there a command of something that I can select the element I want hidden in other scenes then select “Hide in other scenes”?

Version Info:
Sketchup Pro Version: 21.1.298 (2021)
Layout Version: 21.1.298 (2021)
Computer: Apple Mac (MacOS Big Sur 11.5.1)



You should be giving tags to the components in the model and then choosing which tags should be visible in each scene. If you need to add more tags after you’ve created scenes, use Auto-Invisible Layer so that those new tags won’t be visible in existing scenes.

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My understanding of this is that this tag is per component instance. How is this different from using the outliner that lists all instances for controlling visibility if I require granularity at a component level?

Hiding entities is context based, meaning that it actually is editing. In a ‘one level’ model (no nested Groups or Components) it’s not that different, but you have no control over it in LayOut other than editing the SketchUp model if you forgot something.
Once the model get’s more complex, you’ll have more control over visible stuff with Tags and also have control over them in LayOut.

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Makes sense now.

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Beside what @DaveR suggested…
You can hide the Tags by desired Scenes without extension like on the animation below:

  • Actually when the “Scene Update” popup appears it is “enough” if the Visible Tags tick-box marked.

  • When you select the Scenes, left mouse click with Ctrl or Shift can be used as usual, at least on Windows …


You Can use similar technique with the Outliner Tray for components / groups.


Now that is also a very cool tip!