New tags show up in all scenes

Is there a logical reason why SU assumes that any new tags I create should be included in all existing scenes? I’ve grown weary of having to update all my scenes every time I create a new tag (which I generally don’t want to add to existing scenes). Wouldn’t it make more sense to only add new tags to scenes by updating the scene rather than default to including them in every scene? I can see that if you build a model, create scenes, and add tags later, you might want this. But as I subsequently add new components or sections along with new tags, I often don’t want those in previously created scenes. Good examples are adding dimensions, text, or optional objects that I set off with tags and don’t want to see in most scenes.

Have a look at Auto Invisible Layer.

Interesting. I guess the existence of this extension validates my concern. I downloaded it but it says incompatible with version or operating system. (I’m SU2020 on Mac Catalina)

It works fine in 2020 on Mac. Ignore the warning.

Thanks all. Works well! Should be an option in SU, though.

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I like “JF Addlayer” I really like having the ability to set the new layer visibility.