Is there something similar to Autocad's layer states in sketchup for scenes?

Hi All, I’m doing a drawing set where I have about 8 scenes set in each drawing (1 room per drawing and about 14 rooms in the house). If I add a layer to the model, then as of now, if I want that layer to be turned off in each scene, I have to go do it manually in each scene. Very time consuming, so I’m hoping there is something similar to autocad’s layer states or a match properties tool, where if you create one scene that has all the layers you want, you can match the rest of the scenes to it. Would really appreciate the help, it’ll save me so many hours in the next few months… and the rest of my life.

SketchUp doesn’t have layers anymore so I assume you are referring to Tags. There is an old extension from the Layer days that works in the current version too called Auto Invisible Layer. You can get it from the Extension Warehouse. After it is turned on, any new tag you create will be turned off for all existing scenes.

I did mean tags, thank-you. And that is pretty helpful! I will download that now. I take it that means there isn’t anything out there that allows you to match the tag visibility from one scene to another?

You can set the tag visibility as you want and then update the selected scenes saving only the tag visibility property. You turn off all the other properties in the Scene Update panel. You can select multiple scenes in the Scenes panel. Then click on the Update button, choose the properties you wish to update and click the button.

Screenshot - 1_8_2021 , 5_07_02 PM

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That sounds like it will update the tag visibility in all of the scenes you select. What I’m looking for is that say you’ve just gone through scene 1 and turned of all of the tags that you don’t want for that scene. Now, you want the same thing for the next 3 scenes, but you don’t want to go through scenes 2,3&4 individually and do the same thing for each. You want the visibility of tags to be the same in 2,3&4 that you’ve just set up in 1. Does that makes sense?

What you describe sounds like what I described in my previous post.

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Yes, it does make sense. See Dave’s previous post, in which he tells you how to do it.

There’s also a (paid for) plugin called Layers Organiser, which does something similarly useful, but differently implemented, by allowing grouping of tags - now implemented natively in SU 2021. AFAIK, it isn’t in either Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation, but do a general google search for it and you should find the author’s website - or go direct to it at

Just add a few scenes with the create scene button and rename them will work, too

Amazing, just figured out how to do it based on your instructions. Thank-you so much!!

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