Help - trying to get started but no menu on left of screen


I’m trying to follow the first getting started video, but I don’t have the menu on the left of the screen, so I don’t get very far…



Im assuming you are referring to the Default Tray?

Try this: Window > Default Tray > Show Tray


@ad_1011, Not the Default tray which is normally on the right side…

You just need to turn on the Large Toolset in View>Toolbars.

But there should already be the Rectangle tool in the Getting Started toolbar across the top.


The ‘Large Toolset’ appears to look like what I want.
I’m a complete beginner with this program, so I don’t understand vocabulary like Trays, and Toolsets ye, I thought that following the first getting started video would be a good starting point, and would hopefully introduce this systems concepts and methods of working, It’s a bit disconcerting not being to get more than a few seconds into the guide…


Don’t get hung up on the toolbars. When you first opened SketchUp there was (and probably still is) a toolbar across the top. It would have the basic tools like Line and Rectangle.