Toolbox in view menu

Hi everybogy! I start using sketchup but I couldn’t find the text menu on first row of view menu ( on top bar on the screen)
All tutorials I see they are using this toolbox menu who appears when opoened on the right side of the screen, meanwhile I didn’t the order to opened it in my VIEW menu. Could somebody help me on this issue? Thanks a lot!

Right-click on an icon, or View > Toolbars > Construction

Thanks ! … but I mean the first row on VIEW menu, I haven`t got this comand who open DEFAULT TRAY …and I don’t know where to found this, attached 2 pictures of an tutorial in internet, I haven’t got it :((

another image of the view menu

It’s not supposed to be in the View menu. As mihai.s shows, hover of the tray tab on the side to make the tray visible. If you want to keep if visible, click on the pin icon at the top right corner of the tray.

@Quimo La Ver > Barras de herramientas y la Ventana > Bandeja predeterminada son dos comandos que hacen cosas diferentes.

Para abrir la Bandeja predeterminada, use Ventana > Bandeja predeterminada > Mostrar bandeja.

Thanks all!, finally I found in a Forum that’s there are a difference between Ios and Windows, mnus are different so probably is this reason are some menus I miss.

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