No menu bar?

Brand new to Sketchup. Trying to use Sketchup Go to model furniture. Found what seem like useful tutorials but they refer to menu bars which are apparently not there in my version. I did a search which told me the same tools are available despite the lack of the menu bar but this just complicates the learning process for a newbie. Are there any known woodworking tutorials that incorporate my version or general educational materials that might help me get up to speed? Thanks in advance, Steven

This info may only be relevant to you if you are using the pro version


Here’s a starter video for Sketchup for the Web version. There is also an Ipad version if you are using that.

It seems like he has shop based on his profile.

This info may only be relevant if you are using the pro version

Do you mean the toolbar? The default tray? Are you missing the “File, Edit, View, etc.” bar at the top?

If it’s the toolbar, it can be found here in the pro version. There’s a bunch of tool bars.

Why are you showing him pro information if he is using the web version.

Because I’ve never used it before and I’m ignorant of how different it is. I don’t even know what it looks like.

Looking to create wood furniture designs, not residential framing. That does show the menu bar which is not on my version.

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I use the Go version. The menu bar looks different, but you get used to it. If you click on the icons on the left, you see subsets of tools having the same icons as in the Pro version. You get used to where they are located. If you click the categories on the right, you see symbols that you can hover over on the left half of the symbol and see what they are called. There are also characters that trigger and open more options or parameters to choose from, etc. If you have specific questions, you can click on the SketchUp help icon on the bottom and do a search. You can click on the tool right out of the help box. Ask specific questions as you model and you get a lot of help on this forum. Hang in there.

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I appreciate your answer but I’m pretty frustrated as none of the tutorials I have been able to locate have the same screen as my go version. The other versions seem to have things like preferences and camera. Not sure what the equivalent is on Go.

I think some of the confusion here is the forum trying to figure out what version you are actually using. :wink: once we figure that out, we can direct you to the best tutorials.

Go is on iPad exclusively. Here is the SketchUp Go screen. Does yours look like this?

Does it look like this?

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I made up my mind to stay with it and not get discouaged, when I started learning Sketch Up this year in March. The tutorials help, even if the menu does not look exactly the same. I started learning with the CD, SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards. Even though it is based on an earlier version of SketchUp, it still applies. You can get it from Tauton Press or a used one bought online.

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My understanding (which is minimal) is that Sketchup Go is basically the new name for Shop and includes the the iPad version for the 119.95 subscription price. The Trimble website is not very clear on this. So I have both screens you provided. I do understand that despite the various differences in the versions, they essentially act the same, but the small differences would not make much difference to an experienced user but adds an extra layer of frustration to someone using it for the first time. The tutorials themselves are not always clear on which versions they are using. I appreciate your response and encouragement and will try to stick with it but I am unimpressed with Trimble support.

I gave you a link to the web version for beginners and from there you should have no trouble finding the many new tutorials for both versions most of which are titled, for Ipad or for Web.

I actually bought my version of Sketchup a week ago. It is now called Sketchup Go for the 119.95 subscription fee and now includes Sketchup for iPad and what I believe is what was previously called shop. I think this change is very recent and that’s part of the confusion. i would prefer to work in Shop as the iPad version is acknowledged to be fairly clunky what with the pencil. I need this exclusively for preparing furniture drawings for clients so the architectural applications are not important. By the way, when I registered, Sketchup Go is not even a choice for the question of what version you have, so I think Trimble is a bit lax in keeping things up to date.

Correct! I just put Pro and then made sure that my operation system is IPad so that people can infer.

In any case, Go is the version for the Ipad and then Web (shop) is the free browser version that technically comes with all platforms because it’s available without them as well (I believe)

I know the Ipad is a different experience, and a lot of users of the desktop versions agree. However I work almost exclusively there and have found it to be incredibly intuitive. It’s like any brand-new software though, not without it’s limitations, quirks, and outright bugs.

Even though Trimble has some trouble keeping up with the SketchUp side of things, I have found the SketchUp team to be INSANELY helpful and quick to respond. Also this forum has got each other’s backs.

Try the tutorial in @Box 's post above. It’s a great place to start for the Web version. If you need more or to have it broken up, Go is a lot like Web (as you mentioned, you have both versions) try the SketchUp youtube playlist, Square One for IPad. It does the individual tools in quick little ADD snippets :wink: Which has been great for me.

Thank you for your insights and help. With the encouragement of yourself and others I actually was able to persevere and make some progress.

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How do I make a component unique in the 119.95 browser version? I have yet to see any dialog boxes in this version. The instructions I can find say to right click on a component which brings up a dialog box where you can choose " make unique." No dialog box.

If you are using a browser version it comes up in a right click/context click menu. It will only be usable if there is more than one instance of the component. As a Mac user you may not be using a 3 button mouse, which is the best option for sketchup. 3 buttons being, left click, right click and scroll wheel.
See in this vid, it is grayed out when there is only one figure, then becomes available when I make a copy. Before I make unique both will edit together, after only the one opened for editing gets edited.

If your screen does not look like this, please show us a screenshot so we can tell you what you are using.

Yes, that is my screen. I appreciate your help and have made some progress. I just ra into a new mystery. I created an arch for a piece of furniture by creating two curved segments of different radii with the two point arc tool. I closed the ends but it did not fill in. Also is there any way to make the curved lines fairer instead of multiple line segments? Thank yu again. Steven