Novice Help - Online vs Desktop version (No File, Edit menu bar)

Warning - I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m a total newbie to Sketchup. Via tutorials and other forum help topics, I think I’ve worked out that I opted for the wrong version of Sketchup. I need a version with the File, Edit menu. (There’s also conflicting info/terminology: sometimes it’s been called a menu bar, others call it a toolbar).

One forum described the same problem; no File, Edit menu. The solution was to download the desktop version. But if I’ve selected the online version, how do I now download the desktop version? If I go back to the start, I’m not given an option. I’m just logged back into to the online version. I’m keen to get started. How do I stop going 'round in circles? Any help would be much appreciated.

Scroll down until you find the version for your operating system and language. The free desktop version is called SketchUp Make 2017.

Thank you, Forestr. And thank you for responding to my distress call so quickly.

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You’re welcome! You might’ve already seen this, but there’s a “SketchUp Training Series” on Youtube. This series of short videos has everything you need to know to get started in SketchUp.

A menu bar is a textual bar with expandable lists of actions. A toolbar has buttons with icons, usually only tools (cursor actions).

SketchUp for Web has most of what was in menus sorted differently: tools that were duplicated in both the menu and toolbars are now in the vertical toolbar on the left. The menu has been reduced in space and consists now of an application menu button (hamburger button, have you opened it?) and a menu button for import/export.

It’s not a wrong or not working version of SketchUp. But most tutorials don’t match this user interface.

Most tutorial makers have not yet invested the effort for duplicating all tutorials for the new user interface since they focus on accomplishing a task (follow me etc.) and not visual details. For that, it is important to get familiar with the user interface and explore it (just like when you use any other new app without tutorials).

Check also out the Instructor :mortar_board: in the right sidebar. It contains contextual help with the currently selected tool. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more help specific to SketchUp for Web here, which is not available on Youtube.

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