Menu bar - is it available in SketchupFree

I am first day (actually, second day already , sorry) user. In some of the videos out there i am seeing menu bar in the Sketchup : File Edit View Camera… and so forth Is that available in the free (web) SketchUp or i need to have a paid subscription( Standard or Pro?)
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The user interface is different between the web and desktop client versions. There are no SketchUp specific menus like File, Edt, View… in the web versions. You access most of the various features between the icons on the left and right sides.

Great, Dave, thanks for the quick reply. So for the ‘SketchUp Shop’ version (which is also Web only) i will see the same (or won’t see, to be more exact) menus, only in the desktop version, is that right?

The Shop version doesn’t have the menus, either. The tools and other functions are mostly available though the toolbar on the left and the panels on the right. There are a few features like Save which is found under the file folder icon near the top left.

Yep, i got it, thanks!

Like this:

The web version has something neat that is not in the Window desktop version (it’s somewhat there in the Mac version). You can click on the magnifier icon and type what you are interested in. That in many cases will give you a direct link to the feature.

Interesting point, thanks!

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