Menu Bar does not show

I just downloaded the free web version of SketchUp. Menu Bar does not appear (menu showing: File, Edit, View, Camera, Draw, Tools, Window and Help). Should this menu be retrieved somewhere? I would have thought that it would appear when installing the system?
Regards Egil Ryengen

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The user interface of web is very different from the desktop versions as you have noticed. But all the tools an settings are there.

The free web version of SU runs in a browser. There’s no program to download.

The web interface looks quite different from the desktop version and has no top menu bar.

What you see in the browser is what you get in the web version. Pretty much the same functions, different looking interface.

Hi - Do you have a trial for desktop too?

No, I have SketchUp Make 2017.
That’s the last free desktop version for hobby users.

There is however a possibility to install an app for it in the Microsoft Edge browser…

Not a bug so I removed “bug” from the optional tags field.

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