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I just started using Sketchup, and I’m trying to get a toolbar, and there’s no menu bar from which to even begin. I’ve opened the program using both the newest Firefox, and Chrome. Nothing. I’m searching and seeing advice to go to “view”, but there’s no view to even choose. Any help for this situation? Am I missing something obvious?

Evidently you’re looking at “advice” related to the desktop client versions of SketchUp. The free, web-based version has a toolbar along the left and another on the right. The extent of the “menu bar” is at the top left.

What are you looking for specifically?

Oh, that’s what I see on my screen as well. So evidently everything is fine. I was looking for “preferences” for some reason, and couldn’t find it. I guess I’ll just go back to learning how to use this program. Thanks!

There are no preferences to set in the same way as on the desktop versions.

This is the specific online User Guide for SketchUp for Web.

It is also be available by clicking the (?) button at the lower left (on the status bar,) … and then the “Explore Help Center” link on the popup menu. There is also a video tour you can launch from this popup.

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