No Tool Bar / Menu Bar


I’ve just downloaded MacOS 2017 & don’t seem to have a menu bar/tool bar? It reverts to the Chrome for Mac or Safari toolbar. Did I do something wrong during the installation?


did you follow the instructions for dragging the SU icon onto the Applications folder icon…

add a screenshot of with SU open…



Hi John,
this is what it looks like.



So you haven’t downloaded and installed SketchUp. You are accessing my.SketchUp through your web browser. That’s the way my.SketchUp is supposed to look. Toolbars on the sides that expand to show additional tools and windows.


your using my.sketchup in your Chrome browser…

so, your seeing the correct app in the menu bar…

ask any more question in the my.sketchup category or download the desktop version if that’s what you need…



Have re-installed & accessed the version I was after :checkered_flag:


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