Categories above Mac tool bar missing



Just moved to Mac and my categories above the tool bar such as view,window and help are missing, so I can’t open any drawings
Any ideas to get them back
Thanks Dean


I can’t tell from your post whether this is an issue with your understanding of Mac in general or whether your installation of SketchUp has a problem…

On a Mac, application menus appear in the top stripe of the screen, not on each window. So, for example, while SketchUp is running the top stripe looks like this:

You will see the items you listed there when the SketchUp window is active unless something is seriously wrong.

Also note that there is a single toolbar across the top of the window itself. You can right-click this toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…” to bring up a window from which you can drag additional items onto the toolbar or remove them.

At left in my screenshot you can also see a portion of the “Large Tool Set” toolbar. You determine which toolbars are displayed via the View->Tool Palettes menu.


im on a pc keyboard so how do I do a screenshot on that
Cheers Dean


Take a screenshot (command-shift-4 starts an operation where you can drag out a box on the screen to define a region, the snapshot is deposited on your desktop). Then drag the image into the reply window here or use the button at the top of the reply window to select a file for upload. Note: until you have made a few posts the forum software will not allow you to upload anything (spam protection).

Edit: And here’s an annotated screenshot to emphasize what I am talking about:


or your in ‘full screen mode’ when you will need to hover at the top of screen for them to ‘drop down’…



Would you have opened Sketchup in full screen mode ? Try tapping the Escape key and see if the menus return above the Sketchup window.


Sorry, didn’t see your reply until I had clicked on Reply. That’s the kind of day it’s been.



I’m using a pc keyboard so how do I do a screen shot on that
Cheers Dean


Ctrl-Shift-4 or it might be Windows key-Shift-4.


Using a PC keyboard on a Mac is bound to cause issues since Macs and Windows have different modifier keys. Contrary to what @DaveR wrote, I would be really surprised if the ctrl key is mapped to command, since both keys are needed on the Mac. But perhaps the Windows key is mapped to command? That would be useful, as command is involved in many shortcuts. Not having a PC keyboard to test on my Mac, I don’t know…

Also, as pointed out on other posts here and on SketchUcation, if you have SketchUp open full screen or if you have the setting for “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” checked in System Preferences -> General, the top menu bar will appear when you float your cursor near the top of the screen and hide otherwise.


I was going by this:

I agree, though. It makes sense to have a Mac keyboard.


See this article for both the default key mappings when a PC keyboard is attached to a Mac and how to modify them:

It says that Windows is by default mapped to Command


Worked it out
My old pc on my 5 year old 32" screen worked ok
I put the Mac mini on my 65" in the living room and altered the resolution and all was fine
Put the mini on the old screen and I couldn’t get the resolution, so no categories
Put it back on the big screen … no problem
Thanks for all your help


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