Changing Menu Options

Hello! I just have a quick question. When I choose a tool that has a separate menu, for example, the paint bucket tool, it brings up the menu on the right-side bar However, I have seen this window displayed instead as a smaller pop-up window How can I change the settings from displaying along the right-side bar to display a pop-up window instead? Thank you!

The first image you shared is of the Windows interface and the tabs. The second is of the floating panels in the Mac interface.


It’s a difference between Mac and PC. You would need to switch to using SketchUp on a Mac to get that.


Oh okay I didn’t realize I was looking at a Mac! I was following a tutorial and saw the pop-window was different than mine and I really like that it doesn’t take up so much space. Thanks for letting me know!

In your screen shot from your computer it looks like you have the whole SketchUp window small. Maximize it so it fill the display. Mine looks like this: