Layout Question - Newbie

Hello, I am new to the forum and have messed around with Sketchup for several years now. My question is below.
I am attempting to make a construction manual in Layout or more specifically detail pages. I will draw a detail out in sketchup and transfer it over to layout. What I am trying to do is create a page with different views on this layout page.

So I may have a log sitting on the floor and then want to have a view of the just the floor without the log on the same page. My problem is when I copy and paste over to the page, it converts to the same view on the layout page.

I feel like I am missing something simple, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

First of all in SketchUp you need to be creating scenes to show the model the way you want to see it in the document. Give tags to the components and groups in the model and use them to control the visibility of those objects in your different scenes.

Don’t copy from SketchUp to paste in LayOut. After you have your scenes set up in the Sketchup model use Send to LayOut in SketchUp’s File menu. After you have the first viewport established, copy that viewport to make additional viewports and select the scene for each viewport.

Yes. It sounds like you should have first gone through the tutorials at

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You need to use tags and scenes in SketchUp.

If you haven’t already - spend some time here:


Thanks, I am going to go thru the tutorials. I already tag everything but I have not messed with the scenes at all.

I think you would do yourself a favor if you wait to get inito LayOut until after you’ve got things right in SketchUp.

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Hopefully when you say “tag everything”. You mean groups and components. Tagging every edge and face will be a disaster.


So I guess that was my question. My example of having different views saved in Sketchup ( ex…one showing a log sitting on the floor and one showing a log 6’’ off the floor). I am working my way thru the videos at the moment. I am decently adept at drawing something up in Sketchup but I am sure I am skipping steps somewhere to make it easier to layout.

Yes, I am just tagging groups at the moment and every once in a while, a component.

So you have a log component sitting on the floor group. Give that log a tag like “Log on floor”. Copy the component moving it up 6 inches and give that instance of the component a tag like “Log 6 inches up”. Create one scene with “Log on floor” visible and “Log 6 inches up” invisible. Swap the visibility states and create another scene.

Obviously you’d simplify the tag names. There’s a slightly mre advanced method available but I’d suggest learning this basic method first.