Need Advice with Layout, I'm not using it right

I thought I had a basic understanding of moving my Sketchup file to Layout, so I can create a plan for this wall unit I designed. I saved several scenes in Sketchup, then went to use those scenes in Layout. But I found out, upon inserting my scenes into my Layout pages, that whatever modifications I made to Scene 2 ruined/modified my previously-saved Scene 1. So apparently I have no idea what I’m doing, even after watching a few video tutorials! Any suggestions are appreciated.

(Sketchup 2018, Windows)

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got. If this is simply a case of moving the components/groups in your model, remember that if each of the scenes is looking at the same objects and you move some of them, they will be moved in all of the scenes. In simple terms think of the scenes as cameras located around the room. If something is moved the room it is moved for all of the cameras in the room. If you want to show an object in different places in different scenes, you have to make copies of the object for each position and then use Layers to control the visibility of each copy.

Ah. That must be the issue, then. I presumed saving a scene was the rough equivalent of screen capping a “pose” of my model. But now that I think about it, that would not work, since it would not allow the user to modify the scene after it is imported into Layout.

Ok I’ll take you direction and copy the model in the SKP file, then place it in a location which does not conflict visually with the original model. Hopefully that clears it up, thanks Dave.

Yeah. That’s not the way it works.

If it’s only one or a few objects that are moving such as showing a drawer open or closed just copy the object(s) and use different layers for open and closed. Then change with layer is visible for each scene.

That is an excellent suggestion. I’m almost ashamed I didn’t think of that one myself. Thanks again.

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I don’t like to use tags for open/closed or objects showing or not on a scene cause I use tags mainly for architecture elements, you can also use the outliner and hide or show an object update the scene depending how you want them to be on your scene. Just in case you don’t want to create new tags.

Not using tags for controlling visibilty limits your options, espectially when it comes to LayOut. Hide requires more scenes to manage than you’d need using tags. Of course it’s your call but I think that’s a work harder sort of thing.

You shouldn’t insert new files to your layout document, it creates more links and makes the file heavier, it’s better to copy a viewport and past it on every new page or wherever you need it.