Layout, "open model in sketchup" always shifts location


Hello all,

I have yet another thing i can not figure out.

When i am in layout, if i right click and open my drawing back in sketchup for a modification, when i go back to layout, it is shifted and no longer in the same space when i left it.

I am not moving anything in sketchup. just editing a line or two.

any idea why this is?


Typically this is because you aren’t using scenes and most likley you are opening the viewport in LayOut to edit the camera position and zoom. You should make scenes for each view of the model you need in the LayOut document and avoid double clicking on the viewports in LayOut to set the views.

There really should be no reason to open a viewport to move/zoom the camera. You can resize the viewport if needed by dragging on its edges. If you need to do more, make the changes to the scene in SketchUp and update the scene. Then save the SketchUp file and update the reference in LayOut.


I use scenes in bigger drawings but this particular item was just a footing detail and no scene.
It is only a two dimensional drawing and i only erased one line and saved.

I will save all drawings in scenes from now on,



No matter how big the project, using Scenes in SketchUp (even if it’s only one scene) for each viewport in LO will head off the problems. If you don’t do that, you’ll see that the “scene” in LayOut’s SketchUp inspector window is shown as Last Saved View. If you change the view in SketchUp to delete your one line, when you save the file, the last saved scene will be different. And if you make it worse by editing the camera position in the viewport in LO, your viewport’s scene will show as (modified) Last Saved View and things will be really balled up.


thank you again,

I am always fasinated how easy it is if this for someone with years of experience. For me, everything is a struggle and nothing seems intuitive.

For example, when bringing in a file to Layout from sketchup, it is in wire frame style and as soon as i change the scale it is shaded. I have been messing with it for hours and can not make it stay wire.

I have no need to exhaust my blue ink. Why does it change? I am sorry to ask such silly question but internet searching yields 1000’s of irrelevant results and the help search doesn’t do much better.

Also, With a balloon from the scrapbook, in print preview it is solid black, it did print correct but the preview is wrong. just seams like a thousand hicups for me.



Maybe you could share the LayOut file with me so I can see what you’ve got going on. Send it by a private message if you’d prefer to keep it from being public.